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  • AEMS, Continuous Monitoring for Renewable Energy Projects

    ECOTEC’s Automated Equipment Monitoring System (AEMS) is a continuous monitoring systems to meet the requirement of Renewable Energy Projects and the Kyoto Protocol for the worldwide carbon credit market. The AEMS has easily passed independent third party validation for systems installed on gas extraction systems and Gas to Energy facilities. For the renewable energy and carbon credit market, the AEMS is the premier product for collecting and reporting data.

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Product Description


• Data acquisition from multiple sources (4-20mA, 0-5 Volt, 110 Volt, thermocouples, engine & flare station status)
• PLC configured
• Industrial rated computer
• Auto-Calibration system
• Optional: 4-20 mA outputs
• Optional: up to 48 input channels

• Security & Data Storage: Tier 3 Data System
• Reliable Field Proven Technology
• Auditable trail of data throughout history of project
• Carbon Credits calculated per reading
• Immediate electronic notifications sent
• Data validation process made easy
• Remote accessibility to field data
• Remotely configured and updated
• Secure internet application (data integrity)

• Renewable Energy Projects
• Green House Gas/Carbon Credit Projects (CDM, CAR, REGGI)

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  • Technical Specifications

    The AEMS is a flexible electronic data acquisition and storage system. The system collects data from electronic input signals (4-20mA, 0-5volt, 110volt) and/or existing PLCs and extracts data from multiple sources. Data is stored locally and routinely uploaded to the data center via cellular network or satellite connections. Management can receive updates simply by opening daily e-mail or via other text message devices. Since the AEMS accommodates multiple users and multiple sites, operators, service groups and consulting engineers can share the information among team members regardless of their location.


    The DataField Online Software is a web based suite of applications and analysis tools with extensive reporting capabilities. Utilizing robust, secure database infrastructure to support the demands of maintaining and accessing billions of records for clients worldwide, the data is stored on secure servers at a Tier 3 data center at another location. Using a remote data center on a major backbone of the internet provides maximum uptime and data security. The system software helps optimize gas extraction systems for maximum MMBTU & Carbon Credit production.


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